Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I've started a new knitting project. I bought a skein of beautiful bright orange wool (the picture really doesn't do the color justice) a few weeks ago, intending to make myself a knit headband to cover my ears. I made the headband, and then decided that I didn't really need that after all. What I needed was a new scarf.
So I took the headband apart, and cast 24 stitches onto size 4 needles for a nice tight gauge. Then I did a simple basketweave stitch (*k4, p4 for 6 rows. Then *p4, k4 for 6 rows. Repeat). I'm really loving it so far. The really old-fashioned textured stitch plays nicely against the more modern color and shape (the scarf is about 4" wide, and will end up being pretty long) and makes for a really interesting piece. I'll enjoy wearing it with my black coat :)

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