Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This week Thursday is turning into grocery day, since today was packed with other things. My pantry and freezer are looking so bountiful right now that I've decided to try cooking out of it this week. I'll still need to grocery shop, but I don't think I'll make too many purchases. Here's my plan so far:
  • Mac and cheese with caramelized onions, bacon, and spinach. Tart cranberry sauce on the side (I have everything except the cheese and the bacon. Probably will be buying another bag of onions too though. I plan to use some of my homemade yogurt in the casserole too)
  • Turkey and gravy over biscuits (I've got everything I need on hand. I'll buy butter if it's on sale though, it's nice to have extra on hand in the freezer)
  • This chili and cornbread (I'll need to get crushed tomatoes, peppers, and grains)
  • Slow cooker porridge (I probably have enough rice and steel cut oats to take me through this week, but I'm getting some grains this week anyway. So some of those will probably end up going into the porridge as well)
  • Cake (because those apples aren't getting any younger)
  • Bread (a loaf of oatmeal bread tomorrow, and then maybe one more loaf sometime later in the week. If there's time and I feel motivated.)

    So that's 3 dinner/lunches, a breakfast, a dessert, and something to snack on (I almost always eat leftovers until they're gone, so a couple of big meals feeds me for the week). It's quite a lot of food, but I plan to share the turkey and biscuits with my two meat-eating roommates; it should be gone in one sitting.

    Well, that's the plan for this week. I'll write an actual list tomorrow and may or may not share.

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