Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year! I'm starting 2012 with a marginally more organized pantry, and a bunch of "tiny people".
First with the pantry. I bought plastic cannisters for my baking goods! No luck on the oil bottles yet, I haven't really had a chance to brainstorm what I really want.

 And now for my Tiny People. I've made minor changes to this pattern to make tiny, unique toys. The plan is to make a whole bunch, and then give them to my niece for her birthday next year. I'm also going to hunt down an interesting old jewelry box at the thrift store, paint it, and use that to store the Tiny People. It'll be sort of like a playset, but handmade.
Here's what I have so far:

The first one. I mostly followed the original pattern, but had a little fun with the hat.

This one is really small. I had to use size 3 needles and a really tight stitch to
make the superfine yarn hold in stuffing.

This one has green hair :D

My (5 year-old) niece loves "scary stuff", so I made her a vampire. Eventually I'll sew on fangs and button eyes. I'll probably make a werewolf and a witch or ghost too. 


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